Kalinin NPP ceremonial presentation of trends in higher education institutions

June 11 at the Kalinin NPP ceremonial presentation of destinations targeted admission to specialized high schools winners and winners’ Olympics of nuclear power plants ", held annually under the auspices of Goskoporatsii" Rosatom ". This year, the owners of the target areas were graduates of secondary schools Udomlya, Sigovskoy Udomelsky school district, the Most High Volochek and Tver — a total of 31 people. The work aims to attract talented young people into the industry, which is growing rapidly and needs the influx of new staff. Targeted training of young specialists for nuclear organizations is now in its sixth year as part of the state plan for training of scientists and experts for the organizations of the defense-industrial complex for 2011-2015. Ministry of Education of Russia annually generates lists of federal government educational institutions of higher and professional education, indicating implemented in the areas of training them (majors).

This year’s participating in the program: the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, National Research Nuclear University "Moscow Engineering Physics Institute", Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI". Ulyanov (Lenin).  

Roman Vorontsov, a graduate school Udomelsky number 4 (chosen Polytechnic University and plans to become an expert in nuclear energy)

"I’ve always liked physics and mathematics. — These are the sciences, which I need for admission to the university. Speciality already chosen: "Nuclear reactors and materials." Overall, I am satisfied with the result. "

Dmitry Fyodorov, a graduate school Sigovskoy (target university — SPbSUAI, specialty — "Metrology and Quality Management"):

"Competition held by" Rosenergoatom "give a better chance at admission to a prestigious university. And once I got the direction, then I’m worthy of it. I will learn to then return to Udomlya and work at KNPP. "

Valeria Makhnovets, graduate school Udomelsky number 5 with in-depth study of specific subjects (get directions to Bauman. Bauman and intends to study software engineering)

"A few years ago I passed the exam on the computer, and then realized that I had this area is very interesting, decided to do just that. If you will do, it’ll just be happy. "

"Areas that we hand to help you go to college, but can not help to learn — appealed to the graduates of the Deputy Director for Human Resources KNPP O.I.Zhukovsky. — You have chosen a very difficult profession, requiring considerable time to prepare. I hope that you will never regret choosing a professional, finished college, return to work at the Kalinin station and continue their labor dynasties, or you can put them to the beginning. "

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