Kaliningrad firefighters got new cars

Today, January 18, 2013, the Acting Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Kaliningrad region, Colonel Internal Service AS Biryukov presented to representatives of the Federal Fire Service units keys to the tank on the basis of "KAMAZ". In total, the fire brigade received 5 of these cars, they are distinguished by improved performance characteristics compared to previous models.Machines will increase fire garrisons Kaliningrad Mamonowo and bright. From the beginning, this is the first batch of special equipment in the emergency department of a regional park, but not the last.

VALENTIN ARTEMYEV, SENIOR DRIVER OF FIRE number 3: "Two self-contained stoves are here. A stove for the calculation of fight, and the second is on the heating pump to keep the water from freezing. In the winter, it is very important in cold weather. As long as the place get there, the pump can grab. "

The price of this car about ten million rubles. According to firefighters, it is worth the money. Five firefighters, 2.5 tons of water, the tank is filled in a few minutes … Thanks to the small size of the machine is ideal for the busy traffic of city streets.

Alexei Rubackytė, DEPUTY CHIEF OF FIRE number 3: "Good flexibility, good performance on speed of delivery personnel. Accordingly, in terms of reliability, because the completeness of the car — half Russian, half of foreign production. "

Today, only one-third of all cars in the regional emergencies department — new. The remaining equipment needs to be replaced. Last year, the Kaliningrad firefighters received 12 emergency vehicles of different classes. Thanks in part to new technology has reduced the number of victims on fire. In 2012 firefighters rescued 901 people. Technical Update will continue this year.

Alexei Biryukov, Acting Chief of the Main Directorate of MOE in the Kaliningrad POSTS: "Five cars and heavy-duty five medium type. Well and supplies for GIMS — boats, about five pieces. One can not complain. "

In short, the keys to a new car Valentin Artemiev received in high spirits. Especially since the first of January and the Emergency Situations Ministry has increased the salary.


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