Kaliningrad port for 9 months increased turnover by 36.5%

OAO "Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port" (KSCP) in January-September 2013 increased turnover by 36.5% compared to the same period of 2012 — up to 3.194 million tons, according to the materials of the stevedoring company. 

Exports of goods increased by 19.4% to 1.862 million tons. In particular, exports of ferrous metals increased by 20.1% to 1.02 million tonnes of coal and coke — by 2.2 times, up to 202 thousand tons. At the same time, exports of scrap decreased by 15.9%, to 94.2 million tonnes, other general cargo — by 10.9%, to 102.8 thousand tons of container cargo — by 23.5%, to 58 , 4 thousand tons. Exports of petroleum products increased by 1.1% to 263.6 thousand tons.

Imports of goods increased by 1.7 times to 1.325 million tons. In particular, imports of bulk cargo increased by 3.4 times to 884.4 thousand tons, general cargo — by 1.8%, to 49.6 million tons. Import container traffic fell by 17.7% to 347.5 thousand tons, RIA "Novosti".

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Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port — the largest enterprise in the port complex in the region in terms of volume of work performed, as well as on technical support and comprehensive services provided by the shippers.

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