Kaluga Turbine Plant manufactured and tested a steam turbine to Kazphosphate (Kazakhstan)

OAO "Kaluga Turbine Plant" ("GTC", belonging to the company "Power Machines") manufactured and successfully tested a steam turbine for the branch of LLP "Kazphosphate" "Mineral Fertilizers" (Taraz, Kazakhstan).

The contract for the supply of turbine T-25-3, 4/0, 6 25 MW of "GTC" concluded with the LLP "Kazphosphate" in 2011. In its terms include the manufacture, transport and installation supervision.

Turbine P-25 — serial production of JSC "KTZ" such units operate at many stations, but under the terms of the contract with LLC "Kazphosphate" standard turbine design changes in order to enable it to operate in seismicity and withstand an earthquake of up to 8 points on the MSK-64 scale.

Turbine production of JSC "KTZ" will operate under construction for a new line of CHP plant for the production of mineral fertilizers in the city of Taraz.

A total of distillery produced over 2,150 steam turbines with a total capacity of over 250 GW 
LMZ steam turbine production in 45 countries around the world
Steam turbine production GTC working in 43 countries
The first turbine, released LMZ, put into commercial operation in 1907

Cogeneration steam turbine units of the new generation unit capacity up to 55 MW direct drive electric generators and co-generation of heat and electricity. It is used in systems with heat recovery or disposal of the main technological production. The main customers are energy companies, enterprises of various industries.


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