KAMATEYNER — a new achievement in the field of transportation

As part of the project "KAMATEYNER" created a flagship model KAMAZ 65117-62-783820 equipped with the system BDF-PNEUMATIK for lifting and lowering operations detachable body.

New product developed in conjunction with "Priokskaya engineering plant" and released in Nizhny Novgorod. It is worth noting a remote control system readout body and adapter for standard twenty-foot containers with adjustable height folding legs. These options allow you to simplify and significantly speed up the various handling operations.

The vehicle KAMAZ-65117 as all the benefits and reserves are well known predecessors. Technical innovations give it a consumer characteristics, which are confirmed by certification and operational tests. KAMAZ-65117 is designed to carry cargo weighing up to 15.5 tons.

After restyling models were significantly improved its performance: an 8% increased capacity by 10% reduced fuel consumption, and the resource has increased by 15%. This car is the lifting of the Kama Automobile Plant has been successfully used for long-distance, inter-regional and international transport. After upgrading the design and installation of a new car model, KAMAZ-65117 in its technical and operational characteristics closer to international peers. Today the car is equipped with a powerful 300-horsepower Cummins diesel engine 6 ISBe, displacement of 6.7 liters and a 9-speed transmission company ZF.

Recall that the project "KAMATEYNER" — is, in fact, the development of KAMAZ 70s, which is aimed at accelerating the delivery and a five-fold increase in the profitability of transport. Today more and more businesses are turning to technology transportation with removable without the use of material handling equipment, body-containers (swap body). According to KAMAZ analysts, the market is ready to accept tens of thousands of mobile containers — including in the form of tanks, refrigerators, blenders, and other add-ons.


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