Kamaz 5 times net profit

According to data published by the accounting report of the company, in the first quarter of this year, auto giant managed to get 1.56 billion rubles. net profit.

Also, "KAMAZ" 36% increased revenue — up to 26.44 billion rubles., Which corresponds to the positive dynamics of growth of production in the factory. In this case, the cost of sales rose less (28.6%) and reached almost 23 billion rubles., "Vedomosti".

"Five-time earnings growth in the first quarter of 2012 was due to the reduction of internal programs to reduce costs and supplier prices", — says Director of Public Relations "KAMAZ" Oleg Afanasyev, stressing that the growth in selling prices this year, the factory did not was.

He also noted that this year, based on the business plan, "KAMAZ" is going to realize 48.6 million cars and trucks ready kits.

"How will the sales of Russian accession to the WTO, the company has not yet predict that the state has not approved protective measures for the domestic auto industry. Chief danger for" KAMAZ ", like other manufacturers, is the possible increase in imports supported by technology", said Mr. Mr. Afanasiev.


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