KAMAZ-5490: a new benchmark

In September, the start serial production of the new long-haul tractor KAMAZ-5490. According to all involved in this event, it will serve as a reference point from which a new era of production of commercial vehicles in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The fact that the company "KAMAZ" in the coming years should radically change the existing model range has been known for a long time. General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogoghin has repeatedly stated that endlessly continue to modernize cars, designed in the 70’s and 80’s, to the modern requirements do not make sense. The consumer needs a truck, created by modern technology, the potential of which will develop a new family of vehicles for many years to come. For the staff of the company, this means one thing — the assembly line automobile trucks will go to its technical characteristics in no way inferior to European counterparts. 

A distinctive feature of the new long-haul tractors — cab, which departs from the cab of the Mercedes-Benz family Axor. The modern design and streamlined shape significantly improved not only the aerodynamic characteristics of the KAMAZ truck, but its consumer properties. The height of the new cab — almost two meters! People in it can be easily moved in the full view. For the driver and passenger seats accommodate two beds. The seats are equipped with pneumatic system. In addition, a complete electronic systems included many that had never been in the trunk of the family of the last tractors. In particular, the car has air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and an adjustable steering column. High roof has enabled the panel above the windshield place several roomy shelves. These improvements should increase the level of comfort in the interior of the new Kamaz.

My heart tractor while German: as the power unit used inline six-cylinder engine Mercedes-Benz OM457LA capacity of 428 hp, the requirements in Ekostandart "Euro-5". Further it can be replaced by the power unit KAMAZ production. In the transmission of the car used 16-speed ZF 16S 2221. Disc brakes, electronic EBS, ESP and ECAS made tractor safe vehicle movement.

Truck tractor KAMAZ-5490 — this is a significant technological breakthrough of "KAMAZ" in the production of vehicles for commercial transportation. According to Sergei Kogoghin in a recent interview, "RBC daily»: «Until recently, we in the segment of long-haul tractors were represented. Car 5490 — one of the ways to strengthen our position in the market. This product is one of the measures that will help to keep the position of "KAMAZ" in terms of the coming crisis. "

It is impossible not to agree with the head of "KAMAZ": thanks to new consumer features KAMAZ magistralnik able to represent the Russian car industry both domestically and abroad.

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