KAMAZ-5490: issue began

KAMAZ-5490: issue began

October 9 automobile factory assembly line "KAMAZ" came the first production of KAMAZ-5490. A start working out mass production of the main prime mover, which is to become the leader of this segment of KAMAZ production.

KAMAZ-5490 has already been presented to the public at the International Exhibition "Comtrans 2013", which caused a lot of positive feedback from both ordinary visitors and potential customers. A distinctive feature of the long-haul tractor will stall, which departs from cabin Mercedes-Benz family of Axor. The modern design and its streamlined shape will significantly improve not only the aerodynamic characteristics of the truck, but its consumer properties.  Significant changes have occurred in the cabin. For the driver and passenger seats accommodate two beds, are compliant with the comfort and size of home bed. For the convenience of the driver and passenger seats equipped with pneumatic system. In addition to a complete set included many electronic systems that greatly facilitate the life of the driver on the road. In particular, the car has air conditioning, cruise control, ensuring safe driving, electric windows and an adjustable steering column, which allows the driver to adjust the steering wheel position "for themselves." High roof has enabled the panel above the windshield and put a few extra roomy shelves. These improvements should increase the level of comfort in the interior of the new Kamaz. Great importance in creating a car designers have given active safety. In 5490 KAMAZ-applied electronic systems like EBS, ESP and ECAS. Braking system with electronic control (EBS) helps reduce stopping distance trains and reduce the degree of wear of the brake linings.

 The new tractor — this is a significant technological breakthrough of "KAMAZ" in the production of vehicles for commercial transportation. Thanks to its consumer properties, it is able to represent the Russian car industry both domestically and abroad.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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