KAMAZ and Intel showed a prototype onboard media system

The company "KAMAZ" and Intel presented a prototype onboard infotainment system designed specifically for long-haul vehicles KAMAZ-5490.

Featured media center is localized for the Russian market. It includes navigation with current information about the workload of transport networks, radio, media player, a telephone application, calendar, browser, application for social networking, as well as voice control and integration with infrastructure services.

It is noted that in the prototype used the latest dual-core processor for embedded Atom (model not specified), and a software platform, open source, compatible with Tizen.

For satellite positioning in the media center involved a hybrid chip GPS / GLONASS, and receive information from all sensors and performance in real time is a CAN-bus. Support data transmission through the network Wi-Fi, LTE, and 3G/2G.

The airborne system is made in monoblock form factor and is designed to 1DIN location at the top of the cab. In this 7-inch touch screen is supposed to make the front panel. The system can be controlled by voice, touch the screen, the system keys as well as with the keys made on the wheel.

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