KamAZ expands coverage

 Photo source:kamaz.ru

In the first half of KAMAZ managed to more than double, to 3158 units, to increase the supply of trucks for export. In total this year, the company expects to sell to foreign buyers at least 5 thousand cars will help it in the contracts for the supply of equipment to the Sudan and Cuba.

As follows from the statements Kamaz in the second quarter of 2011, in April-June, the company exported 1,830 trucks (857 units a year ago), and since the beginning of the year the figure was 3,158 vehicles (1,537 in the first half of 2010). The largest buyers of trucks were Kazakhstan and Ukraine — delivery to these countries increased by almost three times (up to 1325 and 710 units, respectively). "The market of trucks Ukraine for January-June 2011 increased by 20.63% compared to the same period last year. In the first half of 2011 in Ukraine Kamaz has kept its leadership and its share was 29.49% market share of new vehicles full weight of over 16 tons, "- said in a report Kamaz.

Total company delivers its cars in 24 countries. In the third quarter, as indicated in the statements of Kamaz, the company signed contracts for the supply of 365 vehicles to Cuba, and 136 four-wheel drive trucks in North Sudan. It is planned that all cars will be exported to the end of October this year. "Cuba and Sudan — a major geographic expansion of exports, but still significant markets for us are Kazakhstan and Ukraine", — explained at KamAZ. As told RBC daily, a source at the company, KamAZ end of the year planned to export about 5 million units of equipment (4045 cars in 2010), but this figure may be revised upwards at the next board of directors.

"One of the factors increasing exports KAMAZ — is the sales to the CIS countries, which do not have a lot of money and who buy products of Russian companies at low prices, not really thinking about quality. That is the main driver of export sales of the company — it’s low price compared to competitors "- said the managing director of the Criminal Code BCS Vladimir Solodukhin.

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