KAMAZ has been producing buses in Colombia

  • NEFAZ BUS-52997-0000010
  • NEFAZ BUS-52997-0000010

KAMAZ has been producing buses in Colombia under its own brand.

This official said the company ended in Bogota on Sunday 13 International Auto Show. Cars are based on the chassis of KAMAZ designers developed for local conditions. On their basis in the factory "Busskar" in the Department of Risaralda is the final assembly of buses.

So far collected 16 cars, but in early 2013 the company will go for the construction of the chassis has 50 buses. Currently KAMAZ managed to create an adequate supply of spare parts, lead to Colombia technicians to enforce the guarantee.

In the Russian company believed a local business — banks have opened credit lines, trucks included in the list of insured vehicles. In the near future automotive companies — to get an order for special equipment for the Colombian capital city services, according to ITAR-TASS.

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