KAMAZ: high rhythm assembly


Production units of "KAMAZ", maintaining the established rhythm of the assembly 240 trucks per day, has successfully completed the production target of February to produce marketable products.

As a result, the automobile plant assembly lines, finishing businesses of the company, made 4756 vehicle sets. This is 37% better than the result of the second month of 2011. Since the beginning of this year, put 8.6 million car sets and a half times more than in the two months starting last year.

On the main engine assembly line at the joint Russian-American company "CUMMINS KAMA", also included in the production cycle "KAMAZ", manufactured and delivered to the automobile plant and other customers over 5,300 engines and powertrains. This is better than last year at 1,700 or 47%. Since the beginning of the year produced more than 9.4 million units of the main products of these companies — 3,000 more than in 2011.

Gradually increasing and production of spare parts for the automotive engineering and their shipment to customers. In February, the total volume of their deliveries amounted to 691 million rubles to 570 million in January.


Sergei Kogoghin, CEO of KAMAZ, commenting operating results automaker, said that, based on the business plan for 2012, the Group focuses on the volume of 48 thousand trucks collected on its results. "If you take on the business plan — that’s 48 thousand cars. And if the way is January, the pace — 240 cars per day. Multiply by 245 working days — that’s 58 thousand "

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