Kamaz in 2012 increased the production of trucks by 7.1%

"KamAZ" in 2012 increased production by 7.1% yoy to 51355 car sets, the company said.


In December 2012 production of 3.9 million car sets. "Overall for 2012 released 51355 vehicle sets (+ 6% in annual terms), more than 54 thousand engines and power units (+ 5%), spare parts were shipped to 14 billion rubles., diversification of production — by 12.9 billion rubles. (+ 18%), "- noted in the company.

Delivered to customers over 47.3 thousand trucks "Kamaz", of them on the Russian market — almost 41 thousand units for export — more than 6.4 million units.

In this case, 51% — a heavy-wheel-drive trucks, more than 30% — modernized vehicles, says the company.

Proceeds of "KAMAZ" under RAS for 11 months in 2012 amounted to 106.9 billion rubles., Net profit — 4.3 billion rubles. 

In January-November, "KamAZ" won 33% of the Russian market of trucks weighing over 14 tons, 30.4% of the market of Ukraine, 37% of the market of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, 33% of the market.

FAQ: "KamAZ" takes 11th place among the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and 8th in the world in terms of diesel engines. The company consists of 13 large companies to develop, manufacture and assembly of motor vehicles and auto parts, as well as sales of finished products. In total, the group includes 96 companies.

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