KAMAZ in August, has produced more than 4 thousand trucks

KAMAZ up to August issued over 4 thousand kits, more than 3.6 times higher than a year ago (1.1 thousand units).

Recall that last year was held at KAMAZ corporate summer vacation, which lasted from August 7 to September 4. In the first eight months of 2012, the Kama conveyor descended over 35,000 complete vehicles, chassis, assembly and repair kits — 14% more than the year before. In view of the strong demand for trucks in September KAMAZ works by the usual five-day work schedule.

A total of 2012 KAMAZ plans to sell more than 48,500 trucks — by 9% more than last year. Of these, the Russian market will be 42 million vehicles, the rest — for export.

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