KAMAZ in January increased production by 56%

Russia’s largest truck maker "KAMAZ" in the January 2012 issue of vehicle sets increased by 56% compared to the same period of the previous year — up to 3.9 thousand, the message of the company.

"In the first month of the new year, automobile factory, finishing production of KAMAZ, for 16 working days has produced more than 3.9 thousand vehicle sets. This is the best start in the past few years, one and a half times the volume of production as a result of this kind of main products of the company in early 2011 and 700 units — pre-crisis record levels in January 2008, "- said in a statement.

"KAMAZ-Diesel" shipped on the main assembly line of KAMAZ and its external customers more than four thousand engines and power units. Operators of KAMAZ trucks get spare parts worth nearly 0.57 billion.

The main automobile factory assembly line has kept average daily rate of production achieved in the fourth quarter of last year — 240 trucks or chassis. It is planned to observe in February. The production plan adopted in total 4.75 thousand vehicle sets, 2.8 million units higher than the same period last year.

"KAMAZ" occupies the 11th place among the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, and eighth in the world in terms of diesel engines. In a single complex consists of 13 large specialized units to develop, manufacture and assembly of motor vehicles and components, as well as sales of finished products. Just a group of companies includes 96 companies. KAMAZ vehicles are used in more than 80 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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