KAMAZ introduces new technologies

Subsidiaries and joint ventures with foreign automakers at JSC "KAMAZ" continue to actively introduce new technologies in the production process, which can significantly improve the quality of the components, assemblies and components.

In JSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" is constantly working to improve the quality of using the new technologies. With the introduction of new fluxes, pore formation in the casting, casting to the cylinder head has reduced the level of internal and external marriage. Now the Foundry began to develop nanomodifitsiruyuschih additives in iron alloys. This work is carried out jointly with RUSNANO.

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In addition, OJSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" introduced and implemented one of the largest enterprise kaizen projects: from the Forge plant in precision cast steel plant site translated casting dies. This step is possible to optimize the energy that is left on the lighting and heating of empty industrial areas Foundry and save money. Now forge plant will not have to draw on demand Gostehnadzora RF license for non-core production, processing which costs 20 million and is held every five years. The company also expects to save this year, 96 million rubles from the manufacture of a new range of — 17 forgings of economically alloyed steels for bridges KAMAZ.

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Due to technical upgrading and launching new furnace Austrian company "Ayhelin" at the engine plant significantly increased the quality of heat treatment of parts, reduced production costs and increased productivity. The project for production of transfer cases for four-wheel drive KAMAZ-6522. Successfully solved the problem of localization of mechanical and heat treatment of parts for the joint venture "ZF KAMA" and "CUMMINS KAMA." Now the products are not required to carry on the study abroad: Laboratory Technology Center received confirmation of compliance requirements of ZF and Cummins and admission to industrial monitoring.

 Photo source:kamaz.ru

On the Press and Stamping Plant "KAMAZ" has produced more than 200 indexes welding and stamping equipment for the restyling of KAMAZ. To strengthen the frame cabin in accordance with the international requirements of UNECE № 29.02. (To ensure the conservation of living space for the driver in the event of an accident) a lot of preparatory work. The plant modernized four welding lines, the production of new stamps and additional welding units.

The car factory scale project "Lighthouse", which started a year ago. Its main objective — optimization of technological processes of the plant by implementing standards operating system German partner «Daimler». As a result, labor productivity was increased by 49%, and the economic effect of the project is already over its lifetime amounted to 629 million rubles.

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