KAMAZ jointly with Daimler is preparing to release a batch haul tractors

The first samples of KAMAZ-5490 for the transport of goods over long distances, are tested. They are partly used components Daimler — bridges, engines and frame cabin Axor.

    Simultaneously, the company is preparing a new line of production cars that will appear in 2016 and will receive new components. Stamping and welding booths of various modifications with extended berth will be produced by KAMAZ, and elements of interior and exterior will be engaged suppliers.

    Engines up to 500 hp System Common Rail, a new air conditioning system, electronic system with on-board diagnostics, media system, developed in conjunction with Intel, — all this very soon will be standard KAMAZ KAMAZ komplektatsiyu.Na promise that the new products will retain affordable price. Line Car 2016 will be a transitional stage on the way to revolutionize automobile, expected in 2020. Such improvements require significant investment, and only this, the company is willing to spend on the development of new technologies for more than five billion rubles.

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