KAMAZ leader on the Ukrainian market

 Photo source:avtorinok.ru

Increasing in July to 45 per cent share of the Ukrainian market of trucks with carrying capacity of 16 tons, "KAMAZ" significantly pulled away from the competition.

According to the information-analytical group «AUTO-Consulting», sold in July 247 vehicles, the Russian automaker took 44.67 percent of the Ukrainian market in the segment of heavy trucks. Moreover, the "KAMAZ" pressed competitors and Gaza trucks of 8-16 tons, here at the end of July, its share was 42.86 percent.
As a result of seven months of 2011, there has been steady growth in sales of motor vehicles "KAMAZ" on the Ukrainian market. In the segment of trucks with GVW over 16 tonnes in January-July 2011, 554 cars were sold, up 43.9 percent over the same period in 2010. "KAMAZ" in the segment — the first, with a share of 35 percent.

In the segment of trucks 8-16 tons GVW last 7 months of 2011, sales of "KAMAZ" outperform same period last year by 45 percent. The share of Russian companies in the segment of medium-duty trucks up to 7 months has exceeded 20 percent, the press service of the company.
The main models that are popular in Ukraine, still are agricultural dump "KAMAZ-45142", "KAMAZ-45143" and "KAMAZ-45144." In July, they took 39.24 percent of the Ukrainian market of trucks with carrying capacity of 16 tons These models are selected Ukrainian agro holdings and farmers who traditionally actively buy motor cars in the summer months. In addition, to the popular models include the July side cars "KAMAZ-53215" and "KAMAZ-65117," heavy trucks "KAMAZ-65115" and "KAMAZ-6520" chassis "KAMAZ", which produce special equipment Ukrainian factories.

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