KAMAz Lithuanian assembly ready to conquer the market of the EU

On Rokiškis Engineering Plant (Lithuania) finished assembly of ten trucks, destined for the European market. Assembling trucks in Rokiškis by arrangement with KAMAZ company engaged in Vilnius Autobagi. All equipment and body parts — except for engines, sourced from Russia. Engines manufactured in the UK in accordance with environmental requirements Euro5. In the coming years, the plant plans to reach an annual output of 1,500 tractors.

"First collected cars we sell are not in Lithuania — their sale negotiations with the Poles. Market is more susceptible neighbors, so we look forward to success", — quotes the director Autobagi Giedrius Diktanasa Lithuanian news portal Delfi. Diktanas also said that for the Lithuanian market KAMAZ assembly will begin in 2-3 months. KAMAZ trucks gathered in the Lithuanian city Rokishkis in three years can take 3% of the truck market in Eastern Europe, he said.

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