KAMAZ pokazal threefold increase in profit in 2012

Russia’s largest truck maker Kamaz increased its net profit by international standards for 2012 by 3.2 times to 5.796 billion rubles.

According to the company, the automaker’s sales grew by 9.6% to 117 billion rubles. Note that in May last year, the company‘s management expects to earn 3.5 billion rubles of net profit growth in revenue to 123 billion rubles.

Reuters notes that the rise in rates for 2012 shall Kamaz including market recovered from the crisis of the Russian Federation, which allowed him to increase car sales by 1.3% to 40,192 units.

It was reported that the Kamaz, one of the first to feel the sharp drop in demand in 2008, earned a net profit after the first crisis in 2011 in the amount of 1.82 billion rubles.

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