KAMAZ presented in Ukraine modernized restyled models

"KAMAZ" for the first time in Ukraine presented the upgraded model restyled KAMAZ vehicles.

"KAMAZ" sees Ukraine as one of the priority markets. The event of this scale company organizes for the first time in Ukraine. Customers and partners waiting for a full program and the possibility of purchasing vehicles with a discount. Their attention the modernized KAMAZ restyled lineup:
— On-board vehicle KAMAZ-65115-6010-78
— Dump truck KAMAZ-43255-6010-99 with a capacity of 6.3 cubic meters of body,
— 10-kubometrovy truck KAMAZ-65115-6058-78.

Restyling has not only changed the look of the new car lineup. At the same time it was carried out and a comprehensive update of all the major components and systems. The high quality of technology is determined by the extensive use of components of leading world manufacturers of engines Cummins, gearboxes ZF, brake systems, Knorr-Bremse, etc. In addition, the new upgraded cars are introduced and their own original design of "KAMAZ". As a result, significantly improved key consumer characteristics of cars: increased service intervals, the specific capacity, resource, significantly reduced fuel consumption. The cabin of the new design is not only a modern appearance, but also increased comfort. New ergonomic solutions will enable the driver to carry out their work easier, faster and safer.

At the bottom of the client "KAMAZ" in Ukraine will be announced detailed specifications and prices of all the new products of the company. In total, the exhibition will show more than 30 units of KAMAZ vehicles.

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