KamAZ released in January, more than 3.9 million vehicles

In January, automotive plant, finishing production of KamAZ, produced more than 3.9 million vehicle sets. This is the best start in the past few years, one and a half times the volume of production as a result of this kind of main products of the company at the beginning of 2011 (1.400 million vehicles) and 700 cars, pre-crisis record levels in January 2008

The absolute and relative results of the units, dependent mainly on the volume of production cars, the results are comparable with the release of heavy trucks: they are also the best in recent years. Engine factory shipped to the main assembly line of KAMAZ and its external customers for more than 4 thousand engines and power units (1.200 million units). KamAZ truck operators receive from the production of spare parts worth nearly 0.57 billion rubles.

The mother assembly conveyor of the automobile plant withstood the average daily rate of production achieved in the IV quarter of last year — 240 trucks or chassis. It will be observed in February, the production plan adopted in the total amount of 4.75 million vehicle sets (last year it was issued 2.8 million units).

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