KAMAZ scored the pace of production in 2011 and will continue in 2012

 Photo source:yandex.ru

December 22 KAMAZ Administration said on early implementation of the annual plan of production. This does not mean that the employees of the company will go the extra vacation: Kama machines and spare parts demand in the market, so the plant will continue to work. In the IV quarter of this year, the plant gave out 240 vehicles daily, including an average of 40 heavy and 95 four-wheel drive vehicles.

Total in 2011, the plant plans to issue 47,837 kits, including 45,172 trucks. This is more than expected, by 444 kits and 172 trucks. KAMAZ sales growth this year will be nearly 40% in comparison with 2010, a year and four-wheel drive and heavy vehicles will be produced at more than 123% and 180%, respectively.

Kamaz plan to the year 2012 — Implementation of 48.5 thousand trucks, ie, increase in production should be 9%. On the Russian market must reach 42,000 cars, and the rest will go for export. This business plan was approved at a recent board of directors of KAMAZ.

However, the projected increase in production at KAMAZ in 2012 will not be as good as in the past, and will be only 9%. Analysts attribute this not only to the saturation of the market, but with the entry of Russia into the WTO. The fact that it entails the reduction of duties on the import of foreign commercial vehicles, such as the new 20-ton dump trucks — from 25% to 10%, and after three years — up to 5%. But most of all drop duties on used trucks, and their market share will increase from the current 2% to 14% in the next year, and more — up to 25%, equal to about 30 thousands of new Russian cars or two-thirds of the annual production of KAMAZ.

Now Russian truck manufacturers occupy about 58% of the market by supplying it every year about 60 thousand cars. Experts predict that by 2015, their share will fall to 44% by 2017 th it again a little above 50%, but by 2020, will decline again — up to 43%. Perspective, quite frankly, not optimistic, and, characteristically, with KAMAZ ‘views of the future "are the same projections manufacturers of light commercial vehicles, which are already turning to the government to protect the domestic market.

Representatives of KAMAZ claim that their business plan "takes into account all the risks next year, including Russia’s accession to the WTO." True, it is only on quantitative indicators. In the "qualitative" terms as independent analysts predict that KAMAZ be able to maintain its market share, but mastering the production of new models in cooperation with Daimler.

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