KAMAZ strengthens its position in Ukraine

At the end of five months of 2012 in the segment of heavy trucks (over 16 tons capacity) "KAMAZ" occupies 23% of the market. Meanwhile, the Russian automaker is the undisputed leader in the segment of trucks: in 2010 in this segment of the company occupied 47% of the market, by the end of 2011 — about 60%.

To strengthen its position in Ukraine Foreign Trade Company "KAMAZ" taking various measures. So, today, in this country the implementation of KAMAZ production and its continued maintenance is a 6-dealers, sub-dealers and 7 3 certified service centers "KAMAZ". Open 29 certified service stations.

The company constantly expands and mixture of product: Annual Ukrainian market displays new car models. According to the General Director of "Foreign Trade Company" KAMAZ "Sergey Afanasiev, this year will be actively promoted Medium-KAMAZ-5308, which passed the test and rework on the Russian market.

Due to the rise in price of crude oil and petroleum products are also actual cars that run on natural gas or LPG. In JSC "KAMAZ" predict that cars with an engine that uses a natural gas as fuel, will be a major focus of future auto trucks. Since 2011, the company began to advance on the Ukrainian market of trucks with equipment. For example, last year in Donetsk has delivered more than 50 such vehicles KAMAZ, and will soon be certified service center for trucks that run on natural gas — methane.



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