KAMAZ, the leaders of Sales

 Photo source:kamaz.ru

At the end of 10 months of the year "KAMAZ" sold more than 30,000 vehicles KAMAZ and retained the leading positions in sales of commercial vehicles in the Russian market.

According to the director of development of car sales of "Trade and Finance Company" KAMAZ "Olga bars, the greatest success with customers uses construction equipment and commercial vehicles for transportation. The lion’s share of cars sold through the dealer network "KAMAZ". Today, in this kind of business employing more than 80 dealerships. Customers recently bet on KAMAZ-6520 dump trucks increased weight. Traditionally, popular and all-wheel drive technology, in particular the KAMAZ-43118.

Positively received by the market restyled vehicles. Demand for some samples lineup of "KAMAZ" has been steadily growing. The greatest effect — in segments tractors KAMAZ-65116, KAMAZ-44108 and KAMAZ flatbed-65117. From the restyled trucks consumers prefer models KAMAZ-65115, -6520, -6522.

Another "strong segment of" the leader of the domestic automotive industry — chassis and buses. More than 200 manufacturers machinery is selected as the transport base KAMAZ chassis. Assembling the most popular types of special purpose vehicles organized today on the premises of the OJSC "KAMAZ". The car factory of the company since August 2011 started production of KAMAZ vehicles with a loader crane.

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