KAMAZ trucks for railway

"KAMAZ" to take part in the exhibition "Products Tatarstan commodity for enterprises — members of the Association of manufacturers of railway equipment." The exhibition will be held March 22-23 in Elabuge during a working visit to Tatarstan Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways" Valentine Gapanovich. The exhibition was also visited by the non-profit partnership "Association of railway equipment" (NP "OPZHT"), which is composed of representatives of the largest industrial enterprises in Russia. It is on them in the first place, oriented representation "KAMAZ" exposure. Among the exhibits visitors will see a restyled side vehicle with the crane KAMAZ-43118-906078-24, shift buses NEFAZ-42111-034-15 on KAMAZ-4326 chassis, four-wheel drive vehicle KAMAZ-43501-1013, as well as a road machine KO-829-B (48332-041-97) and a vacuum machine KO-505-A (482311-071-97), created on the basis of KAMAZ-65115. It is planned that the representatives of the NP "OPZHT" will also visit the Scientific and Technical Center "KAMAZ", which will examine the new range of KAMAZ trucks.

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