Kamchatka fishermen reached historic highs

At a meeting of the Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky Fisheries Council (KRHS), summed up in the salmon fishing season in 2011. At the meeting it was noted that it was a record for the entire period of monitoring the fishery, which is conducted since 1928.

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The fishery was in excess of the originally specified volumes.

"Let me remind you, 154 thousand tons — catch recommended by science at the start of the fishery. During the fishing season Regulatory Commission has added volumes. Thus, in the mode of commercial fisheries produced 247. 878 tons of amateur and sports — 406 tons, traditional fishing — 2996 tons, in scientific research and monitoring purposes — 104 tonnes, to the reproduction — 235 tons. The total catch was 251,620 tons, " — Chairman KRHS, Minister of Fisheries Kamchatka Vladimir Galitsin.

The main fishing season in the Kamchatka region was held in Karaginskaya subzone where produced 184,691 tons, of which salmon — 176,213 tons. In Ust-Kamchatka region, the rates the catch was about 15,000 tons. On acceptance of salmon in Karaginskaya subzone worked 89 vessels. Total amount received and processed afloat in this subzone — 126,527 tons, exceeding the level of 2009, the previous record, by almost 27 percent.

According to Vladimir Galitsina this year significantly increased coastal processing. During the period of the fishing season only on the beach in Karaginskaya subzone processed 58,164 tons. This is 13 thousand tons more compared to 2009. Opened new factories, LLC "Dolphin" opened a factory in the village of Pakhachi, farm Bekereva — in the village of Ivashka were increased production capacity in the village of Ossora.
"There is growth dynamics processing salmon on the shore. Having land for 20 years, the company is not afraid to invest in the construction of the plants. The total investment for the plant, which was built in three years on the west and east coasts of Kamchatka, more than 3.5 billion rubles. On the whole, 2011 was adopted afloat 127,256 tons. On the shore — 120,618 tons. The ratio of the sea-shore was 51.3% — 48.7%. You could say that half is processed on shore, half — in the sea. I am confident that this figure will change in the direction of the shore "— said Vladimir Galitsin.

Vladimir Galitsin said coordinating the work of all relevant agencies.
"I would like to thank the representatives of the federal government for their hard work. Thanks to the active position by border guards and Northeast Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for rybolovstu, we were able to achieve the smooth operation of all users. A decision was made about the need to change certain provisions of the current legislation, which not only simplify the procedure for the implementation of production, but also for transportation, storage and processing of the catch " — Concluded Galitsin.

Press office of the governor and government of the Kamchatka region.

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