Kamchatka: parogidrotermologi Mutnovskaya Geothermal drilled a new well depth of 2186 m

This is one of the deepest wells Mutnovskiy deposit. Commissioning of the production cycle of a new well will increase the available capacity Mutnovskaya GeoEs due to the involvement of additional volume of geothermal fluid. 

This is not mined minerals, and use the heat of the Earth, producing from drilled wells steam-water mixture from a geothermal reservoir deposits. Geothermal Power Plant located near the volcano Mutnovskiy 116 km from Petropavlvska — Kamchatsky. Currently, work is underway to prepare for the test wells, after which it will be possible to draw conclusions about its productivity and geophysical data. Also, this year will complete the design of road steam-water mixture from the well to the station.

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