Kamensk-plant processing non-ferrous metals entered the Skolkovo

A subsidiary of Kamensk-Ural Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals (KUZOTSM) — KUZOTSM-Technology — has received the status of a project to create and the innovation center Skolkovo. The potential of the innovation center company plans to use for the development of KUZOTSM. 

KUZOTSM-Technology was established in late 2011, the program of development of the plant. The main objectives of the company is to conduct research, develop innovative technologies, improvement of production processes KUZOTSM chains and the creation of new products. An application for membership status Skolkovo KUZOTSM-Technology filed in early October. And in November, following the consideration of its tender committee, the company received a certificate.
"Working with the Skolkovo innovation center and the other companies participating will enable professionals to be aware of the organization development activities, attract R & D experience in large companies use these intellectual property center" Skolkovo receive assistance in the promotion and marketing of innovative commercial products, "- said CEO Dmitry KUZOTSM Stadnichenko.

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