Kamsky bacon (Tatarstan) has launched a workshop for slaughtering and pork processing

  • Pig Farm "Kama bacon"
  • Pig Farm "Kama bacon"

"Kamsky bacon" after the discovery of pig slaughterhouse launched a capacity of 500 000 animals per year.


The volume of pork production will reach 3,500 tons of meat on the bone. The animals will supply its own pig farm productivity 410,000 pigs a year.

Shop for slaughter and processing of livestock built by Dutch firm MPF. Production of robotic and meets all international requirements for hygiene, sanitation and the environment. According to the Republican Ministry of Agricultural, annual demand of local residents in pork — 90,000 tons of meat in live weight. Geography of deliveries "Kama bacon" is not limited to Tatarstan, and products of the company will be sent to other federal subjects.

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