Kamyshensky Creamery launched a workshop for processing dairy whey

More and more companies are diversifying Altai business through a new production. Thus, "Kamyshensky Creamery" included in the APS "Anuyskoe" launched a workshop for processing dairy whey.

New production involves the creation of a new product from the raw materials, which until recently was subject to waste and recycling, and will now be used to implement complex processing. In addition, an important indicator should be to improve the economic efficiency of the production of cheese.The company’s management decided to develop albumin curd from the whey. Capacity of the new plant "Kamyshenskogo creamery" is 500 kg per shift. Raw materials are supplied to dairies AKH "Anuyskoe."

We note, in the Altai region in the process of being up to 90% of the whey produced in cheese production.

Albumin curd may be used as a finished product and raw materials for the production of various kinds of processed cheese spreads. This product is part of a group of dietary and healthy eating. In a cottage cheese can make various kinds of fillers that will make the product attractive to the consumer.

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