Kanchalan — exemplary village in Chukotka

The village is located in the Kanchalan Anadyr region of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In the summer you can get here by helicopter or river transport. In winter, arrange a car flying across the ice of Anadyr.

In the village, home to just 600 people, remains the traditional way of reindeer herders and fishermen. At the same time, the village has a modern infrastructure: boarding-school, kindergarten, post office, a cultural center, a shop, a bakery, a hotel, a cafe. Thanks to all state programs renovated housing, 110 homes are built with the use of new technologies. The village also acts Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

In 1999, the farm "Kanchalan" organized by the municipal unitary enterprise of agricultural producers’ Kanchalan. " The basic direction — reindeer. 

In addition to reindeer husbandry in the household engaged in pig farming, poultry farming, fishing and seal hunting.

In 2000, the number of deer was 9.3 million heads. The introduction of the regional programs to support agricultural production has enabled the industry to develop rapidly.

On 01.07.2013, the eight reindeer brigades grazed 19,872 thousand.

During 2012 the volume of cultured meat in live weight was 192.4 tonnes.

The company employs 127 people.

The average wage in 2012 — 21 887 rubles.

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