Karelia has found a metallurgical megaproject

The prospect of implementing projects for the development of unique mineral deposits in Pudozh and Medvezhegorsky areas has become a major topic of discussion at the working meeting of the Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

— Most importantly — managed to convince Vladimir that the work plan of the Government of Russia in the first half of 2013 hearing capabilities and prospects for Pudozhski megaproject. On the territory of Pudozhski and Medvezhiegorsk areas are unique mineral deposits. According to today — is more than 6 billion tons, — said Alexander Khudilainen.

Head of Karelia explained that already formed a working group consisting of representatives of the scientific community Karelia and St. Petersburg are preparing justification of the possibility of the project.

— It’s a lot of work and preparation, and implementation. It will take not one, not two, and not even five years old, but it is very powerful for the prospect of Karelia. This is the strategic objective and the direction that may change over time in the life of Karelia. But in order for that to happen, we must work hard, — said Alexander Khudilainen.

Pudozhsky mega project involves the development of closely spaced large deposits of iron-titanium-vanadium ores, chrome ores and deposits of chromium-nickel-platinoid ore and nickel serpentinite.

Implementation of the project is only possible in the construction of energy and transport infrastructure, including the railway.

In addition to the planned construction of 40,000 people, and a 2-3 townships to 3,000 residents.

As part of the mega-project plan to build 3 GOK, including calculated on the extraction of gold and platinum, as other metals, as well as steel mill factory for the production of crushed stone and timber industry organization.

The total investment for the project is estimated at 100 — 120 billion rubles. The direct economic impact of the annual production is expected to 150 billion rubles.

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