Kargopolsky character

"I learned what Kargopolsky character. A teacher at the school, the village librarian, a tractor and a cobbler — the profession of my friends, Kargopolov. Now when I say that the Russian province of sawn and died — I do not enter into useless controversy, and smile, because I know that this is not the case.

 My friends raise children, keep the garden, and the beast, go to Sunday services. They are young, full of energy. They will not leave from their native land. And not because they have nowhere to go, but because they love it and want to do better. "

The city has its core — active citizens. Thanks to them, there are art school, music school, several museums, crafts center. The famous museum of the legendary masters Shevelevo and information center — "The House on Pjatnitskoj." The owner of this house, completely paralyzed invalid, but very strong-willed person — Sergey Belyaev — created from scratch bookstore first, and then the cultural center for the citizens — recently passed away.

(From the reviews of Kargopol)

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