Karlovski engineering plant capacity increased threefold

Karlovski Engineering Works (KMZ, Poltava region.), A leading Ukrainian manufacturer of elevator equipment, increased the power of three times, which will provide output for the storage of more than 3 million tons of grain annually. According companion.ua, reported by the director general of the controlling company of the investment company "Dragon Capital" Tomas Fiala. "Sometime in late 2011 bought the equipment and intellectual property rights of a bankrupt factory in the UK, where it was quite new American equipment, all brought in, and set it under a completely renovated one of the shops," — he said in an interview. "It took about a year or a little more, but as a result we have increased the capacity of this plant around three times and have already started to produce American dryers, silos and other equipment," — said T.Fiala. According to him, last year, CMH achieved the best result in its history.


"This year will also be a similar result," — said the head of the "Dragon Capital". He noted that the demand for the company‘s products is essential, although some problems have created a change in the order of registration of land, which is why some customers could not in time to make their plots. At the same time T.Fiala said that the new equipment is not heavily loaded. "To use it fully, we need about three years … We are leaders in the CIS, but we continue to invest, because the business is very interesting," — he said. The head of "Dragon Capital" adding that the company is still refrains from direct investments directly in agricultural production and in the processing of its asset is "Chumak". "This business is growing around 15% per year. And from the lowest level since the crisis — that was probably 2009-2010 — volumes have grown by 50% over three years," — said T.Fiala. Reference: Karlovski mashzavod also manufactures machines for the processing of agricultural products, including animal feed and sugar industry, grain elevators. According to the report for 2012, about 75% of the products sold in Ukraine. The company also supplies its products to Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Baltic countries and the Middle East. Last year, the company produced 190 silos to Rs 108.53 million, of which sold for 183 109 560 000 UAH, which made up 59.7% and 56% in the total volume of production and sales. CMH in 2012, net income increased by 3.1 times — up to UAH 194.53 million, and its net profit amounted to USD 20.58 million, compared with a net loss a year earlier. Cyprus Dragon Capital Investments Limited owns 93.2386% of the shares.

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