Karmanovskaia power plant began destroying APG Bashkirian deposits

Gas to the power plant comes with Arlan oil fields through a pipeline built by "Bashneft". For the preparation of APG for burning power plant near Karmanovskaya oil set a new gas control point to control the presence of condensate and its ability drain. Mixing associated oil and natural gas occurs in the node pipeline tie-associated gas in the main gas pipeline station.

Currently Karmanovskaya TPP in one hour burns about 1,000 cubic meters of associated gas is — 0.25% of the total fuel consumed by power units. In the future, when the oil will be put into operation the second pipeline, the share of associated gas in the fuel balance of power plants can grow up to 2%.

According to the power industry, these volumes will not have a noticeable effect on the technical, economic and environmental performance of the generating equipment. For the generation of the Bashkir this project is important from the point of view of promoting partner companies to reduce the burden on the environment in the Republic of Bashkortostan.  

Note that the problem of rational use of the by-product of oil production has become particularly relevant in the January 1, 2012, entered into force when a government resolution "On measures to stimulate the reduction of air pollution products flaring of associated gas in flares." Document requires oil companies to utilize 95% of APG. The dimensions of the base rate of penalty for inefficient burning of associated gas in 2013 increased by 12 times, and in 2014 followed by a 25-fold increase in penalties.

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