Karpatneftekhim, which resumed production

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Tuesday visited the Ukrainian Company "Karpatneftekhim", belonging to the group Lukoil, which resumed the production of polyethylene, inspected packing plant for polyethylene and took part in the launch of a new installation, the press service of the Ukrainian government.

"The opening of new modern enterprises, which are planned in the area — this is the best evidence that the state program of work and the economy is gaining momentum," — said the head of government. 

During a visit to the "Karpatneftekhim" Prime Minister inspected the plant for polyethylene packaging and participated in the launch of a new installation. Azarov said that for the resumption of the enterprise between the owners and the government signed a memorandum, which, inter alia, provides for the granting him public support.

LUKOIL said on Tuesday that the company "Karpatneftekhim" resumed the production of polyethylene. The company is able to produce annually 300,000 tons of PVC, 200,000 tons of caustic soda, about 180,000 tons of chlorine and 250,000 tonnes of ethylene and 100,000 tons of polyethylene.

Production of the main products — ethylene and polyethylene, vinyl chloride, caustic soda and chlorine, suspension polyvinyl chloride (PVC) — was halted in September 2012 because of problems with VAT refunds, which aggravated the economic situation of the project. In Lukoil also said that the Ukrainian authorities have questioned the privatization of the company. In April 2013 the Government of Ukraine and LUKOIL signed a memorandum of agreement of action to the plant at a cost-effective level of production.

From 2008 to 2011 on "Karpatneftehime" was a large-scale modernization of technological equipment. In 2012, the company was commissioned production workshop production of polyvinylchloride resins suspension (PVC-profiles) with a capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

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