Kaspersky Lab is developing a secure operating system

Anti-virus company "Kaspersky Lab" is developing an operating system. This was announced on the official blog of the head of "LK" Evgeny Kaspersky.

Kaspersky calls future product "protected operating system intended (…) for mission-critical information systems (Industrial Control Systems, ICS)." It will be different from the "operatsionok" for home and office use. The system is not designed to "play Half-Life, video editing or communication in social networks," said Kaspersky.

In developing the system, "LC" takes into account the industrial software. It has a closed status, rarely updated, and in the event of an attack the administrator can not be disconnected from the system of malicious software module. As a result, the OS will Kaspersky designed so as to prevent the execution of arbitrary code in principle.

Speaking about the attacks on the modern industrial system, Kaspersky remembered "worm" Stuxnet (hit the Iranian nuclear computers) and Duqu (was designed to steal information from protected computers), as well as programs Flame and Gauss, and warned that in the future we should expect more serious threats.

Operating system "Kaspersky Lab" announced by Telecom World 2012 conference, which hosts the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Dubai. Time out of the system and the conditions of its distribution company has not disclosed.

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