Kata-Ivanovo Plant (Chelyabinsk region). Released the first ATV


Assembly of new vehicles launched in the instrument-making factory. Steel ATV all day stood at the factory gates, attracting everyone’s attention, reports the newspaper "Vanguard".

The idea of opening a new production came from the General Director of "K-IPZ" Sagdetdinova Dinara, who is an avid hunter. New items to the buyer will be offered four types of ATVs and ATVs. They have gasoline engines, from 500 cubic meters to 1 liter. The maximum permitted speed — 65 km / h, although physically technique can be accelerated to 110-120 km / h

Cost of such transport, depending on model and configuration will be from 200 to 500 thousand rubles. The first batch of a complete package, and further the base model will be modified by the customer.

"The ATV UTV — this is our first born! In general, the test batch consists of 10 units. By December, plan to enter the rate of 1000 pieces per year. So far, we only open assembly plant. Parts are ordered from China, and soon our children will go to the manufacturer for training. Further details of the individual plan to produce themselves, " — Said the Deputy Director General for External Economic Relations Alexei Semenov.

On vehicles are Russian certificates. For ATVs and ATV travel kit included: lights, turn signals, brake lights and horn, so you can use them on public roads.

Add to legally operate your ATV, you must have special rights on a quad bike, which can be obtained Gostehnadzora.

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