KAZ Arena-E: new layout


It has long been known truth that in the endless debate of armor and shells, the victory is usually left for last. The development of weapons of armored vehicles, has reached a level where even tanks with heavy armor exposed to shock, and relatively cheap means of destruction. Passive protection has now been exhausted, unless you develop a way of extensive building size and weight of the tank, which in many cases is an unacceptable solution. The possibility of dynamic protection as close to the peak capacity. In this situation, the only way to reduce the likelihood of defeat armored vehicles is to create yet another barrier — the implementation of ideas to intercept and eliminate offensive weapons still on the approach to the object of protection. The ideas of this method — the method of active protection — is not new.

 They have the greatest development in our country, resulting in the Soviet Army adopted the world’s first active protection systems (KAZ) "Blackbird", commercially mounted on tanks T-55 passing modernization in the 80 years of the twentieth century. Ideology and the technical solutions applied in the KAZ "Blackbird" is not lost relevance in our day. Confirmation is a relatively recent acquisition by the United States of two T-55AD with KAZ "Blackbird" committed in the Ukraine to explore the potential of the complex. 

In the U.S., this complex was removed from the T-55 and put on the Ukrainian T-84 tanks "MBT", sold under the guise of outdated T-80UD. Work was carried out at the site in Aberdeen. Along with "Drozd" in the United States and went documentation Ukrainian KAZ "Barrier" — the development of KAZ "Rain", the development of which was carried out in the USSR in the 1970s, St. Petersburg’s "VNIITransmash." 

This is just a small example, in this particular case, a very successful hunting techniques. The need to create KAZ now recognized in all countries producing armored vehicles. Currently, Israeli tanks Merkava Mk.IV in droves equipped KAZ Trophy. This system also was tested and evaluated in the United States. In Russia despite the fact that research and development on KAZ were almost without stopping new serial embodiments developments in the field of active protection occurred.
The main reason for this is the conceptual uncertainty that occurs because in addition to the undoubted advantages, existing and prospective Russian KAZ, as in other matters, and any other, have several disadvantages. The most important of which is the possible impact of triggered elements of the system, according to his own infantry and engineering legkobronnoy accompanying tanks. Many disputes arise in the solution of layout problems when placing KAZ on armored vehicles. Currently, the most advanced Russian KAZ system is "Arena", the development of Kolomna KBM (for obvious reasons, here we will not deal with Russian KAZ "Standard" and "Afghanis" to be imposed on future tanks T- 95 and "Armata"). KAZ "Arena" has come a long cycle of processing and testing. This system has been perfected for use on the tanks of the T-80, T-72 and T-90 infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3. However, orders for its mass production did not receive any of the Defense Ministry, nor from foreign customers, although some foreign developers and manufacturers were sizing her. In particular, there has been talk of a possible "Arena-E" ("E"-export version) on the latest South Korean K2 tank "Black panther". The use of a complex arrangement prevented it. At the facility needed to accommodate the dimensional microwave radar antenna, providing continuous review in the protection sector, as well as install the battery ignition systems, for shooting sub-munitions in the same given sector. This significantly increases the vertical size of the object which was required to install the system, appeared a number of characteristic, telltale signs of an object, the antenna was vulnerable to splinter and even small arms.

 All was well until recently. The fact that the KAZ "Arena-E" in order to eliminate the above shortcomings has been seriously upgraded and rearrange. Contributed to the decision to use a modern, smaller and more high-speed components. No special comment at the "Engineering Technologies 2012" was presented to a large size model of the T-90S, which clearly showed the new layout of the accommodation KAZ modernized the facility. Now, instead of one central antenna unit battery PU, applied several separate radar dispersed on the outer surface of the armored vehicle, but still provide an overview of almost circular sector. Launchers submunitions are grouped into bins by several pieces so well spread out around the perimeter of protection. Applied solution keeps all pre-existing features and characteristics of the complex, but the design for fixed dimensions of the tank, reduces the probability of failure of the entire complex as well as its individual elements, with heavy enemy fire of the enemy. Became provides multiple complex applications in specific sectors, improved its performance. Undoubtedly, the modernization KAZ "Arena-E" will strengthen its appeal to potential customers, will make its use more convenient.

The layout of the T-90 with upgraded KAZ "Arena-E" at the show TVM-2012.



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