Kazan broke three records: at birth, construction and landscaping

Among the major achievements of Kazan in the past three records in 2012 — at birth, housing construction and landscaping. This was announced by the Mayor of the capital of Tatarstan Ilsur Metshin, who took part in a live broadcast of the "Subject".

The mayor said that for a long time, demographic record figure was 1987, when the light appeared in Kazan 18730 children. "This year has already set a new all-time record. According to the registrar, this year the birth certificate is received 20.5 thousand newborns Kazan. And this is without taking into account those children whose mothers from other areas came to give birth to the capital of the republic "- Ilsur Metshin.

Became a landmark year in the construction industry — for the first time in the history of the city is built of 1 million square meters of housing. For this indicator, Kazan is a leader among all the major cities.

"And the third record — green. This season we have jointly planted 48,000 trees and shrubs almost 20,000. It is 6 times higher than in normal years. Of course, we will continue the project "Green record." Thus, the adage that everyone should have a son, build a house and plant a tree this year is the Kazan on all counts, "- said the mayor of the capital of Tatarstan.

Among other successes have been noted extensive road works, construction and reconstruction of the road network, repair of housing and households. All these questions and many others will be developed in the next year.

At the end of Kazan Mayor congratulated the audience on the coming New Year. "I want to sincerely thank the outgoing year. We lived it in peace and harmony. I want to thank all the people of Kazan, who worked at this year’s glory. We all want a New Year’s miracle and let it happen to anyone. I wish that your homes are warm and cozy, and the following year became even more prosperous, "- said Ilsur Metshin.

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