Kazan bus passengers a month will enjoy free internet

Passengers Kazan buses for at least another month can enjoy free internet. Trial Wi-Fi service for commuters extended until the end of October.
Photo source:kzn.ru

Recall that the equipment for Wi-Fi-equipped with Internet access in just two buses — one for routing number 1 and number 6. You can recognize them because of the signs attached to the front doors of buses. The maximum connection rate, depending on the number of users is 7.5 Mbps. The decision to offer passengers the opportunity to connect to the internet while sitting in the bus, it was decided in the framework of the program to improve the quality of care residents.

Choice of routes is not accidental — as the main online audience is youth, it was decided to conduct an experiment in those routes that are most popular with students of Kazan and follow through the city center.

The service is free internet access in force since the end of August, and during that time there has been a trend of steady growth in the number of users. Therefore it was decided to extend the trial period for another month, after which all of the data about the popularity of Wi-Fi in Kazan buses will be delivered to the carrier in order to further the development of exit points to the World Wide Web.

We should also note that this service will not affect the price of tickets.

Recall that the free Wi-Fi-internet works well in city parks, im.Uritskogo, Victory and Millennium.

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