Kazan Helicopter Plant moved on 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8

JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" adopted a new accounting system on the basis of "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8."

The project is automated accounting, contract management, settlement, scheduling of shipments and receipts of products and materials. Implemented on-line integration with the PDM-system, established a system of coordination and control of payment transactions. Sophisticated automated accounting processes of production orders for control of warehouse / workshop balances and regulations leave materials in the production of inventories accounting scheme is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the Defense Ministry. 

Significantly increased the performance of the automation system. If before the formation of a number of reports, such as MAT, took a few hours, it is now necessary for this minute. (Despite the fact that in "1C: Enterprise 8" at the same time working up to 500 users, and reference nomenclature MC has more than 180,000 positions).

The project was successfully carried out by 1C? Franchisee Company "Intelkom" (Kazan). Start of the project gave a model example, prepared for the customer on the basis of "1C: Enterprise 8". He provided a visual representation, both on the basis of 1C will be implemented complex account the specifics of the engineering enterprise, secured and optimized functionality to perform various operations accounting.

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