Kazan moved by air taxi

From April 1 this year, resumed air operations in major cities of the Volga region. Now, from Kazan, bypassing the transplant in Moscow, just a couple of hours you can fly to the capital of neighboring regions. The main feature of such flights — they make small aircraft, designed for only a few passengers. To find out what is to be ready for passengers minisamoletov, correspondents portal ProKazan.ru went on one of these single-engine aircraft to Kirov. 

1.5 hours prior to departure the crew arrives at the airport and begins to prepare for the flight. Mandatory daily physical examination — the pilots checked the pressure, state of health, temperature.

Then the crew goes to a group of air traffic planning. Here they get the weather forecast for all destinations to which they will fly to this day. Depending on the forecast to decide how high to lead the board, and record its decision, indicating level (altitude) on duty. At each airport, where the crew arrives, takes a new weather report for the next points of arrival.

Then the pilots go into the chart. Here they are told NOTES — the latest preflight information about changes in the rules of conduct and flight safety. For example, obaviashou, missile launches, non runways, navigation tools, which can be dangerous for flying. In view of the Notes and meteorological data, pilots rely on the necessary day fuel.

Taking two thick books, collections of aeronautical charts, the crew sent the helm. In these books, the pilots are diagrams of each of the airports in the cities where they are coming. A total of 15 crews Kazan prepared for light liners. Pilots who ran previously large passenger aircraft, and new to aviation, held a 10-day training in Wichita Kansas USA. Before admission to the management minilaynerami each 15-hour forth to the gym and 8 to directly drive the cold.

— Planes are flying at an altitude of 3000 meters, — says Alexander Kostkina crew commander. — It is very maneuverable machine, enough to plant a total of 600 meters, in the case of emergency, you can do without a runway, plan, and take to the road or field. For example, we sent in Ulan-Ude, where we practiced landing on the gravel.

Before flying to undergo training and aircraft. Their passes and examines techniques that no external damage, unscrew the bolts, torn tubes. Furthermore, there are checks every 100, 200, weekly, monthly, …

Cessna pilot assumes control of one and placing on the next seat passenger. However, the Russian rules of safety to fly a plane, even in such a small, has a crew of two pilots. So, alas, the citizens a place to visit on a co-pilot and sit in front of the steering wheel will not work.

On the plane carrying a maximum of 9 passsazhirov. From the inside it seems that you are in the salon route Gazelle. Take-off is smooth, for about half a minute. Despite the low altitude flight, passengers still lays his ears.

But in contrast to the large aircraft is not here, not only the flight attendants and food on board, but strictly on the number of accommodation places, as well as a ban on photography and the use of mobile.

— Prohibit taking pictures at the big planes for reasons of internal security — after all objects at risk — says the co-pilot crew Alexander Militsky. — A cellular communication, we sometimes have in flight.

Indeed, in 40 minutes after take-off, halfway to Kirov, told the portal ProKazan.ru managed to send 2 sms, although stable connection still can not be called.

Control of the aircraft is practically automatic. The pilot sets the course, which should be automatic. The crew only monitors the instrument readings, adjusting if necessary, at the helm of the pilots in fact taken only during takeoff and landing. By the way, their chairs are arranged so that a review of what is in front of the windshield, almost no — focus on data automation. Crew is separated from the passenger visor, but the pilots prefer not to close them — because people so interesting to see the equipment and the work of pilots.

Flight at an altitude of 3000 meters — this is a walk in the clouds. If large airliners fly above the clouds, the Cessna in their very midst.

Part of the cloud remains below the aircraft, part of the so out of the windows can be seen that over the terrain overcast, but the clouds themselves at an average altitude illuminated by the sun.

In flight, "air taxi" does not shake, the most thrill, like on a swing when the Cessna rotates and tilts slightly. At this time, devices can be seen that the horizontal plane is oriented nonparallel. Wear seat belts is mandatory only during takeoff and landing.

During the flight in good weather or high clouds, passengers can easily examine the landscape and villages. Flight replaces many hours on the road car, bus or train for an exciting trip for a couple of hours as a time machine.

  by air bus
Kirov 1 h 30 min 8 h 30 min
Nizhny Novgorod 1 h 30 min 6-7 h
Samara 1 h 15 min 8 h
Saratov 2 h 20 min 10-11 h
Perm 2 h 10 min 10 hours
Ufa 1 h 50 min — 2 h 05 min 11-12 h

The landing is the same soft, like taking off, and instead of the usual ladder and bus passengers from driving up to the airfield of the airport, folding ladders for passengers and pilots and walking tour.

Already after 35 minutes, receiving a new weather report, the pilots are sent on the next f
light, the passengers — to the city.

A quick flight to the capital of the Volga regions like traveling in a time machine. They are compared with modern progressive Kazan time seems to stand a few years ago.

Small airport Kirov glass building of Soviet times, even without proper signage, himself a small country town with a preserved a large part of the historic building, as if from the socialist past. About the same Kazan was 20 years ago.

Making another 2 flights (from Kirov to Samara and Samara at Kirov), the crew prepares to return to Kazan. Pilots again take the weather report, tested the plane, and the return flight …

After the flight of the day the crew must rest at least 12 hours, so on the eve of the pilots will know where and at what time will go tomorrow. They pass the flight mission, which fills the co-pilot during the flight. It records fuel consumption, number of passengers, weight of the aircraft on takeoff distance, the flight condition of the aircraft during takeoff and landing. In the month of pilots have to fly a not less than 80 hours, but not more than 88 — the commander’s minimum. In addition to the standard rules, the commander of the crew has its own setting:

— I will never fly in his birthday — recognized Alexander Kostkina. — At the helm since 1984, I am, but for now this tradition has always been able to adhere to. Some still do not like to write in the journal under your flight number 13, we have in this regard nesueverny crew, although we did not drop the figure.

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