Kazan scientists have learned to read lips car


Kazan scientists have learned to read lips car09.02.2013 18:00 Added by: Julia Podoplelova

The car and the man understand each other perfectly: it is not only heard, but also reads. A computer analyzes the movement of the lips, compares them with the voice and typing. RealSpeak speech recognition technology was created on the basis of the existing audio. Microphone, webcam, and a steady Internet — is all you need to talk with technology.
Scientists from Kazan created a speech recognizer, which not only hear the person, but also reads lips. This allows the machine to a much better understanding of what she is told. The device already runs on seven languages.

"Speech recognition systems have been developing for a long time — the head of Victor RealSpeaker sturgeon. — It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel and create a speech recognizer from scratch. We use a ready-made solution — our task is to improve upon what is in the video. Videos — is also a source of information, that permits better recognize it. "

Transmit machine art lipreading researchers are trying for a long time. It all started with a concept with sensors on her face — now it looks ridiculous. With the development of Kazan can speak seven languages.

Developers are sure that the first who will be useful such opportunities will be those who have them are limited. Already, the Internet can download the free version and try their hand at printing voice. The next phase of the application of such a system — remote control devices with only one word.



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