Kazankompressormash produced a unique setting for a Chinese factory

JSC "Kazankompressormash" (part of the GMR) has been successfully put into operation compressor installation 5GTS1-387/12 UHL4 capacity 387 m3/ Min and a discharge pressure of 1.2 MPa for the compression of the return products (hlormetilsoderzhaschih gases) for the production of butyl rubber plant under construction "Panjin Heyun New Materials Co.Ltd" (g Pandzhin, China).

This compressor unit is uniquely designed according to customer requirements, the company noted. Based on the specific properties of methyl chloride, among them — corrosive, explosive and a high concentration of toxic substances to the compressor unit makes strict demands on material performance, ensuring integrity of connectors and explosion. A new compressor unit will allow the customer to obtain the necessary resources for the effective operation of the market butyl rubber and articles thereof (for example, tires) to the markets of South-East Asia. In Russia, a similar plant production of "Kazankompressormash" to compress the gas hlormetilsoderzhaschih successfully operated c 2007 "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" (Nizhnekamsk, Russia).

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