Kazhymskoe reservoir began work in the Komi

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New hydro will be a starting point for further development of the village Kazhym. With the launch there are opportunities for hydroelectric energy development, opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to do fish farming, as well as for the implementation of tourism projects. The opening ceremony was held in the framework of the reservoir V Nordic Investment Forum.


Participants of the forum, the experts of relevant ministries and agencies, contractors involved in the work of reconstruction, the district authorities inspected the dam and reservoir spillway. After that were open gateways through which the water came through the channels.

As the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Yury Lisin Komi, thanks to a new hydroelectric reservoir ensured reliability, eliminated the threat of flooding of the village Kazhym. Also, it will be used as a source of economic centralized drinking water supply of the local population.

"Today we see the results of the efforts of designers, builders, experts, specialists Ministry of Natural Resources and Administration Koigorodskiy district. All of us were impressed by what they saw. What we have seen today, you can call the holiday "- said Yu.Lisin.

As the minister said, the main work on the reconstruction of a hydraulic structure Kazhymskogo reservoirs were made back in 2012. Construction workers dismantled the old wooden spillway, replacing it with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The dam and let the water fill up in a new direction. On the reconstruction of hydraulic structure has been allocated from the federal budget of 110 million rubles. The share of funding from the state budget amounted to about 60 million rubles.

This year have accomplished reclamation adjacent to the subject site — the land is rich in peat and planted with grass. On the approaches to the spillway appeared ladders, asphalted driveway along the dam. Total for reclamation and landscaping has been spent over 8 million rubles: 4.8 million rubles from the federal budget and 3.2 million rubles from the republican budget.

In addition, the means of international UNDP / GEF project on the territory adjacent to the reservoir being built facilities for recreation, in particular, gazebos, benches, equipped with parking for mushroom hunters and fishermen, information boards and signs.

*** Dam and pond Kazhymskogo reservoir built in 1759 as a source of water supply for the needs of the local iron foundry. In 1927, the Bureau of the Regional Executive Committee due to the depletion of ore deposits and the high cost of production has decided to plant conservation. The first time the dam was rebuilt in 1959 with the construction of the new spillway pile-ryazhevoy structures made of wood and hydropower dam of 300 kW (kilowatt). The second reconstruction was followed in 1997: work was done to repair and restore the spillway and power plant conservation. Seven years ago, the warranty period of operation of hydraulic structures (GTS). Since that time the state was assessed as pre-alarm hydro — plants do not meet the safety requirements, and there was a threat of flooding of the lower part of the village in times of high water. Presented by the Ministry of Environment Komi 3 years ago in Federal Water Resources Agency renovation project TCU received approval, after which it has been allocated federal funding.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Komi Republic in 1978 Reservoir declared a natural monument. The object is also listed in the register of monuments of Russian culture and nature.

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