KB has developed a multi-purpose unmanned Rise complex MMBK SKIF-1

Design Bureau "Rise" offers modern air surveillance systems, among which we note a mobile unmanned multipurpose complex MMBK "SKIF-1." 

Since 1997, the Design Bureau "Rise" successfully works in the field of unmanned aircraft. Since 2003, KB "Rise" was a structural subdivision "Scientific — industrial system." During this period the team CB was established five types of UAV was designed lightweight two-seater "Phoenix", designed and built several types of boats (the appliance, ship) air-cushion hovercraft "Odyssey-1" and KVP "Odyssey 2" and five types of starting devices (catapults) for UAVs.

The latest development bank "Rise" became a multi-purpose complex unmanned MMBK "SKIF-1." Razrabtka MMBK "SKIF-1" is made on its own initiative.

The composition of the mobile multi-purpose unmanned complex MMBK "SKIF-1" includes:

• Two UAVs
• ground equipment control and command center of UAV flight control,
• Antenna System
• Catapult.

Depending on the task set can be equipped with different types of drones or UAVs. The composition of the surface part of the complex may also vary according to the customer’s request. For transport the entire complex fits into KUNG GAZ-66.

The structure of on-board equipment of all our UAVs are:

• satellite navigation system based on GPS-35;
• thermal imaging camera or two cameras (course and guided sightseeing);
• machine control equipment, digital radio;
• TV transmitter with a noise-like signal;
• control system based on the processor module CPU-686E.

Structure of the equipment is selected according to the requirements of the customer.

Takeoff UAV is on — an aircraft type or a catapult. Planting is carried out under a parachute.

All UAVs are equipped with a satellite navigation system. During the flight of the UAV ground computer screen displays the exact location of the machine in real time.

UAVs KB "Rise" are designed to:

— conducting video surveillance site in real-time at any time of day,
— Search and binding detected objects to the map of the area,
— environmental monitoring, patrolling oil and gas pipelines,
— exploration areas of major accidents and disasters,
— monitoring of protected sites;
— information management activities suhopotnyh and naval forces of the country.

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