KB Spark demonstrated the latest developments

JSC "KB" Spark " traces its history to 1954. Today, the company provides all types of modern communications and the full range of design, manufacturing, operator and service provider. Over the years much has been achieved: implemented large-scale federal and regional projects. Geography of work covers almost all regions of Russia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jacob Leonidovich Lisowski and CEO Andrey Romulo chapter demonstrated the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lev Kuznetsov operation of the enterprise, satellite teleport and modern design made by the staff size.
During his visit, the Governor inspected the information terminal — infomat.
Photo source:kras.ru

Serial production of this modern telecommunications device for the first time now in Krasnoyarsk in 2010. To date, the Krasnoyarsk Territory are 120 such devices. On their basis is provided free access to the portals of state and municipal services to the residents of the region.
Infomats produced by OJSC "KB" Spark ", was the Declaration on if corresponding to work with Universal cards citizen who in 2012 will be issued to all citizens of the Russian Federation.

Photo source:kras.ru

Through them, residents can visit the portal of public services for free and make an appointment to see a doctor. Growing popularity of informants, because through them, and you can call and get the Internet, and much cheaper than the main operators. The developers propose to set such terminals in all communities where residents from 200 to 500. The Governor supported this idea.

Photo source:kras.ru

The installed equipment allows you to expand the communications infrastructure in places where it does not already exist. The company’s management has demonstrated the Governor solution to provide telephone service and Internet access people in remote and Indigenous communities.

At the end of the meeting the head of the region demonstrated the new development — the system of emergency notification "Iskra".

The result of cooperation between military and civilian — Mobile satellite communications complex "Phoenix." He will not allow to get lost in the woods or hunters, nor geologists

Head of the region came to designers to personally look at the latest developments in the field of communications professionals. The latter in turn boast a powerful satellite teleport — he works through 9 antennas.

Andrew Romulo: "We are by far the country provide a link, are on the 3rd place among operators like us. We work in Dagestan, Chechnya, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Kola Peninsula, and, of course, in the province we have the largest network "

Lev Kuznetsov: "My key objective — to anywhere in the Krasnoyarsk region, at any point a person could call and get public services electronically, by telephone or otherwise. It is clear that for one year we do not do this, but the speaker should be "

The governor also instructed specialists within 2 weeks to give him suggestions on how to make a connection for each resident edge available.

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