Kem — the shock of the greatness of the Pomeranian landscapes

Many people going to the Solovki, it Kem produces the strongest impression. 

By itself, the town of Kem — the usual unimportant, except that the famous Kem parish, which easily would deprive Russia of Bunsha "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation". However, this was not to be, and relaxing nature the White Sea and the North Russian accompanies all who visit Kem Rabocheostrovsk on the way to Solovki.

A few kilometers away is the village of Kemi. Rabocheostrovsk for some time now enjoys wide popularity of tourists from all over Russia. This happened thanks to the movie "The Island" with P.Mamonovym. Below are some Photopictures village. Some of them are easily recognizable to those who watched the film.

But the man looking at a smile that you understand that you have lived for so many years, and so far nothing has been realized.

Memories of him and of these places can be left on the memory of having bought small gifts.

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